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Support, Repairs & Maintenance

Support, Repairs & Maintenance

Did you know most outdoor furniture with “mesh” or sling fabric can be re-done? You can replace the fabric on your existing furniture to give your patio furniture a new look at a significant savings. Please contact us for further information about replacing the fabric.

Please note
, we are unable to replace the fabric on furniture purchased from a mass merchant store.

We have over one hundred exciting new nylon/acrylic solution dyed fabrics to choose from. Acrylic dyed fabric is essential to long lasting fabric in our extreme climate; it is very fade resistant and virtually maintenance free.

What you will need to get started:
• You can simply bring in one of each piece of furniture needing to be re-done.
• We will measure the frame for you.
• You can select the fabric of your choice.
• When the fabric arrives at our showroom we will call you to make arrangements for you to bring in the furniture or if necessary we can pick up the furniture as well. Then for a minimal charge we will install the new fabric for you.
• Don’t worry we can also just order the fabric for you and you can install it yourself.
It’s that simple. You not only save money with a fresh new look you are going “green” by not sending your furniture to our local landfill.

If you have any questions about re-doing your patio furniture please don’t hesitate to call or drop our showroom. Our friendly and knowledgeable team would be happy to help.

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